Omar Arnaout or just Omar (born 20 October 2000) singer (in Romanian, English and Arabic and Spain) the winner of the first season of Next Star, a Romanian talent show broadcast on Antena 1 in 2013, Omar’s mother is Romanian and his father is Lebanese. He is the youngest of three boys and currently resides in Bucarest, Romania.
After success, he released a number of singles and music videos under the mononym Omar.


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    lil talk with my friend over there #good #pic #love
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    La mulți ani de 1 Iunie! Vă prezint prima melodie pe care am învațat-o la școala de muzică, rearanjata dupa 13 ani de cunoștințe, direct de la mine de acasă💕 #instagood #love #music #singing
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    This is recorded few days ago at 4 am. Sometimes, music it’s about simplicity and this is why I love it. You can dig into new techniques, complicated songs, but all that matter is when feel to get up from bed to sing ANYTHING that makes you happy. May God bless u!!❤️ This is my song, ‘House of The Prophet’, check it on my youtube💕 #nasheed #singing #instagood #instamusic #happyme
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    Enjoy my new version of this beautiful Indian creation:) Lots of love! #dilwale #indiansong #indianmusic #singing #song #happy
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    I am working for a new short Indian cover and soon we will enjoy it on my ig account 🐱 lots of love!! #instadaily #music #love
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    Every muslim is celebrating the end of Ramadan, a blessed month that this year was present in our lives without the best place where you can be to pray, enjoy time with muslims friends and to cure yourself in remembrance of The Creator, the mosque. Indeed, it was a challenge for us to fast in home. Indeed, maybe some of us are finishing the month with succes and another with bad results, but, just imagine how beautiful it will be when in the day of judgement we will he that generation that was placed in a situation where not even one another muslim generation was. Not even one in the ENTIRE HISTORY!! May Allah forgive us! #eid #mubarak #ramadan
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    ahleeeen bishabeeeb #pic #instagood #love
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    Wearing mask is an advantage when it comes to expressions in pics. Right? haha💕 #protection #mask #fun #instagood
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    I super love you all #love #summer #2k20
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    how is your day?🥰 #instagood #love #happy #me
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    May God bless u all in these last 10 days of Ramadan. #Ramadan #lastdays #happyme #instagood
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    @delia @madalin_mmm va astept sa ma urmariti pe tiktok pentru mai multe videouri🤩 #bombardierii #tiktok #funny #singing #music

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