Omar Arnaout or just Omar (born 20 October 2000) singer (in Romanian, English and Arabic and Spain) the winner of the first season of Next Star, a Romanian talent show broadcast on Antena 1 in 2013, Omar’s mother is Romanian and his father is Lebanese. He is the youngest of three boys and currently resides in Bucarest, Romania.
After success, he released a number of singles and music videos under the mononym Omar.


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    What a beautiful day! I finished the 12 hours recording for the new music video and I am so happy about it. There are just some weeks until you will see the project! May God bless you! #instagood #musician #music #video
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    tomorrow I am recording a new music video🙌🏻 U need to be ready for it⚡️⚡️⚡️
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    never hurry up with your dreams, make them happen step by step and take care about your health🙌🏻 #instagood #work #health #care #dream #musician
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    Happy birthday to you! Lady of the smile and her beautiful soul, love you so much! <3 @essyounis #Egypt #love #you #instagram #instsgood
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    بعض الناس يحاولون ، وبعض الناس يستسلمون ، والبعض الآخر يقول لك مرحباً ، والبعض الآخر يقول لك وداعاً ، والبعض الآخر ينساك ، لكنني أنا لن أنساكم أبدًا. Unii oameni incearca, unii oameni renunta, unii spun buna, altii spun pa, unii te uita, dar eu incerc sa am grija sa nu uit sa va pretuiesc pentru tot ce faceti, mersi din suflet de sustinerea zilnica, sunteti superbi!! Fiecare in parte! Some are trying, some are giving up, some are saying ho, some are saying bye, but I try everyday to be humble in front of your support! Lot of love!❤️ #instagood #instagram #love #omararnaout
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    I am not seeing anything but an introduction period in my life. Everyone is talking about how at this age everything is going to a top point and we will reach the final line soon, after all of this exams and graduation etc...I think that we are in the opposite point and right now is just the start line of our life and we need to keep having faith for the future and for our independent life, don t be so proud about what you are doing at 18-19-20 years, be proud about what your kids will do when you will have more than 40, and keep God beside you in prayers❤️ Have a beautiful spring!! 🙌🏻 #reality #life #faith
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    Classy is necessary🕵🏼‍♂️
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    Toți ne-am pus piciorul pe leagăn macar o dată în viață🤩 Te mai dai în leagăn?
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    SAY ✅ TO FRIES ⚡️⚡️
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    اغنيتي الجديدة سلمولي عليها على هذا الرابط ❌Link in bio🤩❌
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    This is the last pic of mine with long hair🤩
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    Positivity is life, I swear! If you don t have positivity, you will not be anymore that good person that everyone wants to see! Be positive and see how your life changes instantly with the will of God! #positive #love #instagood #instame #instalove #nature #spring #salimuli
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