Omar Arnaout or just Omar (born 20 October 2000) singer (in Romanian, English and Arabic and Spain) the winner of the first season of Next Star, a Romanian talent show broadcast on Antena 1 in 2013, Omar’s mother is Romanian and his father is Lebanese. He is the youngest of three boys and currently resides in Bucarest, Romania.
After success, he released a number of singles and music videos under the mononym Omar.


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    I am in a beautiful place with my friends, celebrating the new year! Also, I’ve recorded a video for a song that I’ve worked for in the last summer. So happy that my vacations are such a beautiful opportunity to create videos, for the songs that I made in my modest home studio. Have a great year and wait for my new video, ‘Bokra’ soon on my youtube channel!❤️💕
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    Astazi este momentul perfect pentru a împărtăși câteva citate inspiraționale cu prietenii și familia, care îi vor ajuta să înceapă Anul Nou pe o notă fericită și plină de energie. Sunt sigur ca acolo e cineva care va iubeste! Happy new year #Happy #new #year 2020 Today is the perfect time to share some inspirational quotes with friends and family that will help them start the new year on a happy and energy note. I'm sure there's someone out there who loves you! Happy new year اليوم هو الوقت المثالي لمشاركة بعض الاقتباسات الملهمة مع الأصدقاء والعائلة ، مما سيساعدهم على بدء السنة الجديدة بذكرة سعيدة وحيوية. أنا متأكد من أن هناك شخص يحبك! كل عام وانتم بخير!
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    Sarbatorile sunt in toi! Va doresc multa sanatate, pace, armonie in casele voastre si binecuvantare! I wish you a lot of health, peace and harmony in your homes! Merry Christmas! أتمنى لكم الكثير من الصحة والسلام والوئام في بيوتكم! ميلاد مجيد!
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    Available dates for gigs. Reserve Omar Arnaout for your event! 📞 +40722342288 (MANAGER) 📧 🌍
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    ❤️Have a nice day!!
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    Lot of love to everyone from Lebanon! I am praying for your succes and I love the fact that everyone is being happy with my song. 🇱🇧 🇱🇧❤️ #lebanonprotests #lebanon2019 #beyrouth #OmarArnaout #Insan
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    19!! Thank you very much for your messages!❤️
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    🤩if you don t like you will have two weeks of nightmares thank you 🤩
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    #twinkletwinklelittlestar in various styles, full version available on my youtube channel🙌🏻🥰 #music #acapella #jazzy #art #singing
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    What do you think about this picture?😍 Have a great day🙌🏻 and don t forget that today we will have a Q&A #LIVE on my Instagram Account💕

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