Omar Arnaout or just Omar (born 20 October 2000) singer (in Romanian, English and Arabic and Spain) the winner of the first season of Next Star, a Romanian talent show broadcast on Antena 1 in 2013, Omar’s mother is Romanian and his father is Lebanese. He is the youngest of three boys and currently resides in Bucarest, Romania.
After success, he released a number of singles and music videos under the mononym Omar.


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    OMAR ARNAOUT - JAMALIK (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Video Production: @vlad.coco COCOS FILM Actress: @graziavoicu
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    Be ready for a new song soon, as you can see, we have a a princess in my new clip. HONOUR! #newsong #soon #newclip
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    I am so proud about my new project. Coming soon on my youtube channel🤩 Video Production: @vlad.coco #newsong #soon #action
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    i found this drawing that looks like me and I took a shot
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    This video is inspired by a piano exercise for left hand independence. I love to make music from exercises and I was inspired by one of the musical creations made by Maria Tanase. She left us with a lot of genious musical experiences and I am proud to make this tribute for her. Search for this name and you will find a great journey of traditional Romanian music. #mariatanase #piano #tribute
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    Happy new islamic year everyone! Share this and give a good wish for your friends! ❤️ Tag me with this on your story and I will repost. May Allah bless you all!❤️
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    I love this song from Indonesia. If you are from Indonesia, share it to your friends!!😍😍😍 #indonesia #hareudang #jakarta #music
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    Never underestimate the power of every lebanese. Having my lebanese father in my life has made me learn how strong this nation is. In this moment, I feel that I need to pay my tribute for the disaster with a song, made from my soul, exclusively, in 24 hours. Share this as much as you can and feel free to use this song everywhere to pay tribute, in a musical way, to someone who is suffering after this disaster. Bless you all!
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    I did some days ago a beautiful arrangement on Phineas&Ferb Theme. Enjoy! 💕🤲🏻 #phineasandferb #theme #arrangement
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    Another beautiful video with recitation of blessed Quran! May Allah bless you all! ❤️ #Quran #Islam #Recitation
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    Fly me to the 🌒 #piano #music #happy #instagood
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    Phineas and Ferb theme arranged by me! Available now on my youtube channel! Link in my bio! 😁 #phineasandferb #arrangement #music

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